Connecting Families
With ABA Providers

How It Works

Access remote Board-Certified Behavior Analyst on-demand or request a consult on your schedule.


The app is now available to download for all major platforms including the Apple Store or Google Play.

Create Your Profile

Your personalized profile keeps you and the provider informed and helps customize the treatment to your particular needs.

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Tele-ABA is FREE for families. Pick a time that works for you and one of our providers will be available!

Why Choose Us?

Tele-ABA meets the needs of ABA, Speech, Occupational, Caregivers, and Psychiatric providers treating individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and all Integrated Behavioral Health services.

Our app provides a HIPPA, compliant, user-friendly sophisticated platform to visually interact through a secure live feed.

Tele-ABA virtually connects you with Board-Certified providers through our mobile app.

Tele-ABA makes therapy cost-effective, convenient, and accessible to anyone and everyone with the first-ever ON DEMAND ASD CARE: Connecting patients to providers, providers to agencies, providers to the family directly.

ABA On Demand

Schedule your virtual visit with a medical professional at your convenience within minutes through our online web portal or the Tele-ABA mobile app from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Our providers work around the clock to answer your health questions.

Access remote Board-Certified Behavior Analyst on-demand or request a consult on your schedule.


Our featured benefits.

Text-Based Patient Engagement

Integrated Patient Self-Scheduling

Digital Intake & Other Forms

The #1 HIPAA Secure Telehealth Platform

Cut Your No-Show Rate by Over 60%

Robust Reporting and Patient Management

Easy to Implement, Integrate, Use and Train Staff

No Software Needed. Easy to Use.

Compatible with All Top Devices

"A wonderful app for contributing healthy lifestyle and hospitality in this digital world.

“A game-changer! Many families are struggling and don't have anyone to contact. This app connects families with providers in a straightforward manner. This work needed.”

“Nice and easy! I liked answering the questions on the form so the consultation was fast. Perfect!”